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Learn the sport that gives you unique sensations, good flights.

Beginner Level 1

Level 1 - 90€ | Estimated duration 3 a 4hours.

Equipment, fitting up and elements, wind window, exercises of traction, launching and landing of the Kite, control the kite with and without harness, first body drag ( being dragged by the Kite in the water), security rules.
Goal: To acquire knowledge that will allow the practice and perfection of the control of the kite with security, to execute the first bodydraggs.

Intermediate Level 2

Level 2 - 90€ | Estimated duration 3 a 4hours.

The knowledge of the level 1 is required for this level. Directional Body drag, control of the kite in the water, technique of relaunch the Kite in the water, board recover, waterstart position technique; Security and prevention.
Goal: To acquire the knowledge and experience to be able, to start navigating and practicing, with your own equipment, the taught techniques with security. Waterstart technique, first planning.

Note: levels 1 and 2 are considered the minimum to achieve the basic skills to start practicing with your own equipment.

Independent Level 3

Level 3 - 90€ | Estimated duration 3 a 4hours.

For practitioners with dominion of level 2. Improvement of the technique, planning, gibe, upwind navigation, first jump introduction. Security techniques.
Goal: To navigate returning to the starting point, first jump, all of this having the necessary techniques to evolve not risking the security of oneself, a third person and of the material.

Advanced Training

Advanced - 40€ ( per hour )

With your own equipment and supervising.Surf techniques, jibe, Manoeuvres, back loop jumps front loop, 360, 720, etc. Then you can invent your own moves and teach us. You are always welcome.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons - 60€ 1ª Hour | 50€ Each next hour

Whatever your level, you´ll have the opportunity of having an instructor only for yourself, on land or in the water, if necessary, riding with you , following your progression via radio communication.

3-4 hours is the average time it takes each level, if necessary to complete all the program it can take more time without any adicional costs for attendants.

In the levels 1, 2 and 3 and private lessons the school, supplies all the necessary equipment including the wetsuits. Level 4 with your own material.

If the weather conditions do not allow the class to take place totally or partially, it will be granted a credit to assist another class.

The payment of the lessons is done at the beginning.


To be fit for sport
To swim at ease
Minimum age 8 years old (accompanied by a parent)

What you should to bring:

Comfortable and resistant swimsuit
Towel and dry clothes
Water, Sunscreen, sunglasses, Hat, food etc.